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It is troubling that many people dismiss great signs and wonders as nothing. But a herd mentality can be just as bad when something seems to make sense and people swallow the whole, hook, line, and sinker. Sometimes you can take theories and find things in them that resound with scripture. But just because something has some truth, it doesn’t mean it is all true. The best understanding often comes from taking truths you find in a theory away from the theory, and begin a search for the other truths that go with them. It is a careful spiritual process that takes patience and time.

Some say blood moons are ominous warning of war, bloodshed, and famine. Others are saying they are a good sign for Israel, but a bad sign for the nations. And then another group says, forget it, it means nothing. I was ask the last group; does a rainbow also mean nothing?

I believe absolutely God does everything for a purpose. I don’t think blood moons were created just to make us say, “Cool!, Awesome!” They are a sign, and they are saying something.

Here is one thing that keeps coming back to me about blood moons. I wonder it but I hesitate to write it because there are so many interpretations. However, I will write it as something to ponder, not as “The Divine Interpretation”. The moon in the bible is an often used symbol for: a woman, The Bride, God’s chosen. At night, the light in darkness in the absence of the sun is the moon, which, having no light of its own, reflects the light of the greater light upon the world. Likewise, Yeshua reflects his light upon his chosen, to give Light to the world in his absence.

The last total solar eclipse which took place, took place directly over the North Pole. As of now, no nation owns the North Pole; under international law the area is under administration of the “International Seabed Authority”. Thus being the area is international, is the total eclipse of the sun a warning to all the nations? Is it a sign of an absence of God? Only destruction can follow if God withholds his Light and mercy.

I can be more brief about the blood moons if indeed we understand the Bride metaphor and the moon as a feminine “help mate” of the “Light Of The World” to bring Light at night– Remember Yeshua’s words:

“We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work. “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”

What is the light of our world? The sun. We are not to worship the sun as pagans do; but it is a sign, and along with the moon, together they are teachers wherein lies truth that when reveled, we can understand and worship God with greater understanding. The Sun is the Greater Light, and the moon the lesser “help mate” — a symbol of the Groom and Bride. If the total solar eclipse over the North Pole was a sign of Judgement upon all nations, what then is the significance of the blood moon? —- and not merely a blood moon, but a super blood moon appearing over Jerusalem on Sukkot(the Feast of Tabernacles)? I will leave you with a verse to ponder regarding this mystery:

Exodus 12:13 “. . . and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. . .”

In that light, a super blood moon appearing over Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles would be of the greatest significance to his people.


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Over the past few years, much ado has been made over the occurrence of the tetrad of blood moons which is divided into two sets of two by a total solar eclipse directly over the North Pole. The events began on Passover 2014 and will end on The Feast of Tabernacles 2015. There are various interpretations as to the meaning of this rare occurrence, and as well, detractors who claim it is nothing. I take issue with both groups: those who take theories and run with them, and those who dismiss everything in its entirety as having no significance whatsoever. Therefore, falling somewhere in between, I am ready and also willing to be hammered by both.

First, Who created the heavens and the earth? Who made the stars, the sun, the moon and all the heavenly host? Were they created without understanding, without purpose, without meaning?

I believe, EVERYTHING, that exists, exists by design—with intention. God is not random. The fullness, depth, and meaning, of these things goes far beyond what we can comprehend. We do well when we are able to in part gasp meanings and purposes. Not a leaf falls to the ground wherein there is not a lesson. There is NOTHING in nature wherein lies no significance. Nothing is incidental—nothing.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse”

Yeshua spoke in parables using examples of physical creations to bring spiritual truths into the realm of understanding. Furthermore, Scripture states, “. . .and without a parable he spake not”. Yeshua always used physical creations to explain spiritual truths. The physical world is a parallel representation of the spiritual world. It is not merely the sacrificial laws that were a shadow and a physical representation of the True. Everything existing physically expresses a spiritual truth of invisible principles — and nothing can be created without there first being an invisible concept and a possibility of being. Hebrews, 11:3 –

“For by faith we understand that the worlds were fashioned by the word of God, and these things that are seen came into being out of those things which are unseen.”

Does God do anything without reason? Is anything an accident or mere coincidence, or even an unnecessary side-effect?

Now, for those on the other hand. There has always been a problem among believers with those, who either with good intentions or in pursuit of gain, take scriptures and apply their on interpretations to support a theory they wish to advance. This in turn has lead many astray and driven others away from Truth altogether. However, it need be said, just because there are so many prolific false interpretations of God’s works, it does not mean that there is not a true. It should be of no question that there is a meaning and lesson in all things. However, the question should be, what is the meaning. When someone comes who portrays to know, there should be much skepticism. Try all things, prove all things. Do not become one in a stampeding herd.

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