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The dominion belongs to reality, however, for the time being, reality seems to be largely absent. There is a manipulation of information on such an immense scale today that most people now live in a pseudo-reality. As more and more people adopt a false reality, the perception of it as truth becomes greater, and others are also persuaded to accept a false reality as reality.

Finally, when a delusion gains enough momentum, those who do not subscribe to it are intimidated, ridiculed, and given derogatory labels by the true believers of pseudo-reality, so that by their sheer numbers the true-believers cause even many clear thinkers to begin questioning themselves.

At that point becomes possible that for a finite period of time, pseudo-reality can work with the same power and affect as reality itself by the control of perceptions. If enough people are convinced that markets are going up they invest in the markets and they do indeed go up, even if there is no physical foundation for it. However, this manipulation of reality will not be sustainable.

For although a pseudo-reality can bring forth a seemingly positive effect, that effect is doomed, having no foundation in reality. More often than not, however, a pseudo-reality is likely to have a negative result, bringing a destructive end to what otherwise could have been a positive outcome.

“I believe it and therefore it is,”
This seems to be the philosophy of the elitist media, those who regard them, and also many of those in high places of power today. They believe that if they can control perceptions by the manipulation of information, that they can in turn control the world and create or manipulate reality. This is a folly of catastrophic proportions that has put the world on a collision course with the truth. When reality inevitably collides with false perceptions the end result shall be the devastation of that which is not. Reality always comes back to claim its domain.


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