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President Elect Obama announced the selection today of Bernard L. Madoff to head up the Social Security Administration. The pick came as a surprise to some, who would consider a recent scandal in which Madoff was implicated in the financial sector, a disqualifying factor.

A spokesman for the incoming administration defended the pick saying, “No one has been convicted yet, and, in any event, there is nothing here that a pardon cannot remedy.”

Other critics were quick to point out the role of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as an adviser in the selection process, expressing fears that money may have changed hands for the appointment.

Rahm Emmanuel, who also worked with Blagojevich in the selection process, dismissed the criticism as partisan, citing Madoff’s experience as a primary factor for the choice.

“No one, and I mean, no one, has more expertise or understands the system better than Madoff – And I think he has the record to prove that!” Emmanuel said.

He continued by pointing out that if  Madoff was able to keep his organization afloat for so long, relying solely on the money of investors, “Imagine what he can do in a system where he will have access to an almost unlimited supply of tax dollars and everything is perfectly legal.”

Emmanuel also went on to say that no other candidate had worked a system that had so much in common with the way social security worked, and that any differences actually worked in Madoff’s favor.

The White House refused to comment on the appointment.


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Socialism, fascism, Marxism, whatever you wish to call it has come to America.  Actually, It has been coming over the last century, slowly but surely, injected into our society by a government which grows larger and larger taking greater control over every aspect of society and the peoples’ lives.

Some who agree with this assessment are now referring  to the new leadership as the elephant in the living room. I tend to think a rat with a megaphone to be a better comparison.

America started becoming a fascist nation more than a century ago – to clarify – not Nazi – but fascist – with a small f.

Unfortunately, freedom’s life blood has slowly been draining out and the country has been surviving on artificial life support for quite some time. Vital signs are fading. At best, all the great physicians can do is keep the machines running, and feed the system intravenously – but the republic is basically all but a vegetable.

Life will go on – Yes – but not the life that was breathed into the nation by the founding fathers. There is little, if any – cognizance.

Rather than dying a bloody and brutal death at the hands of European fascists as some did last century, we’re going out in a comatose state – thanks to a slow but steady overdose of socialist morphine – Assisted suicide I believe they call it.

Oh! – The “compassion” of our “progressive” guardians who have taken charge of our very lives and well being.

R.I.P. America as we have known it.

As an afterthought – I do not believe that people of principle and values should give up the fight. It is time to fight harder and take courage rather than roll up in a fetal ball and die in a hospital trash bin like the left would have us do.

However, you must realize what you truly face to be able to endure and overcome it. When a radical ideology becomes so pervasive in society that it seizes control, it will run its course until it becomes unbearable and is destroyed. We saw this with fascism in Europe last century. It is happening with Islam now. But it is also happening with Progressive Liberalism. It will not be destroyed until it runs its course and becomes undeniably and unbearably evil.

The socialists who have taken control in the US and around the world will not be overthrown until they fail completely and miserably –  But this is inevitable. Their policies have always failed, and are failing now. The difference now is that they have such control they will only be able to blame others for so long. At some point, everything becomes their baby.

Until then, they will make gains; they shall not long endure.

Therefore, remain not silent. Those who loudly proclaim the truth while few will listen, will have their words reverberating for generations afterwards.

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