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We are currently living in an age of transition when the world as we know it today will be changed radically. This transition is brought on by modernization and globalization combined with the unification and consolidation of powers. Unfortunately, although knowledge has been built upon from generation to generation, giving mankind more power than in any time in history, at the same time, mankind has been in mass reverting back to tribal instincts and away from freedom of the individual based upon invisible absolute principles.

Tribalism has always been the rule in some cultures, however, these natural impulses are not exclusive to undeveloped societies. The modern collective society where individual character development is replaced by social programming, and the conscience replaced by decree, can become every bit as barbaric and as cruel as any other primitive culture.

The main difference between tribal societies with advanced sciences and primitive tribal cultures is the amount of power the formal is able to amass. World War II is an example where the intellect was worshiped while the focus on morality and the value of life were disregarded. The result of scientific achievement combined with moral degradation was, in that case as always, catastrophic.

Intellect is perceived as power, a concept which alone holds in contempt the principle that good is the greatest power. The greatest societies are those which were built upon a foundation of good and just principles, not mere intellect. The words “when America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great” are not without merit.

While there are many dangers facing the world today, the greatest threat is not posed by terrorists. This statement is not to diminish the terrorist threat which is very real, but to magnify a threat that is much greater and is to be found in the governmental workings of the world’s most powerful nations today.

Radical Islam would have little wherewithal whereby to achieve their ambitions without sponsoring nations. Moreover, the nations sponsoring radical Islam are also enabled, either actively or passively, by the most powerful nations in the world. It is, therefore, that militant Islam could be defeated if the will of the nations were to do so.

The will of the nations to seriously confront the danger posed by Islamic extremists does not exist for various reasons. In western democracies capitulation is founded upon the fear of global disruption which would ensue at home and abroad. In some other nations there is another reason which is more nefarious. Nations with malevolent ambitions have found it to their advantage to use Islamic extremism to their advantage by proxy in order to displace the West and assert themselves as global powers. This is true of Russia and China which both are fighting an asymmetrical war against the West in general, but primarily against the United States.

These ambitions which are all but ignored by the West are harder to deny in the case of Venezuela where Hugo Chavez is much more blunt about his beliefs and goals.

Russia and Venezuela whose incomes are based on energy resources reap great profits form higher oil prices due to a Middle-Eastern crisis and global terrorism. The alliance, however, between these nations and others including hostile Islamic nations goes beyond economics and establishing control of energy supplies. There is an advantage to confronting the West through Islamic proxies in that resources and attention are diverted away from the rising threat of nations which have totalitarian underpinnings.

Western powers have through global enterprise built and empowered nations such as Russia, China, and others, to the point they are now ready to challenge the West. Although these nations are often alluded to as though they are aspiring democracies, the political and economic reality is that the structure of these formally communist nations resembles the fascist regimes of the 1930’s.

The West currently is faced with an intense asymmetrical war which involves economics, technology, politics, and confrontation by proxy; nevertheless, westerners in large choose to live in denial. There will come a point however, when these nations openly assert themselves, what takes place between now and then on their part is merely positioning and maneuvering in order to gain an insurmountable advantage.

Possible scenarios

Russia and China are emerging global powers. They have no aversion to formation of a world order on their terms; the main obstacle in their view has been the United States and to a much lesser degree Europe. On the other hand, there are elitists in the west also who have no aversion whatsoever to a world order with these countries, insomuch that they have set about dismantling and condemning Western power at every opportunity.

Many proponents of a global order believe so fool heartedly in it that they disregard any risk involved and would be pleasured to see it irregardless of the initial cost to humanity. It is very possible that a catastrophic event such as global economic upheaval, terrorism with a nuclear devise, or some other man made cataclysm may provide the catalyst to form a multipolar global society. In any case, the end result will be catastrophic.

The West has been sold out for decades by its politicians, elitists, and global corporations; this shall manifest itself in no small way. Chiefly the United States and Britain have been the stalwarts of freedom and democracy, and a number of smaller democracies still rest upon US strength for what freedom they do enjoy. Once US power ceases from being the predominate world power global chaos will follow and world stability will cease.


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