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There has much discussion over the meaning of the words “Ismail Ax” which were written in red and discovered on the arm of Virginia Tech shooter Cho Sueng Hui when his body was found.

One of the most convincing and reasonable explanations I have read comes from an article by Jerry Bowyer entitled, Ismail Ax: The Shooter Was Another ‘Son of Sacrifice’

Without going into the details of Bowyer’s explanation, in his final paragraph Bowyer discusses one of Cho’s writings and concludes,

“Cho Sueng-hui cum Ismail Ax hated the American society to which he had been brought 15 years earlier. His play McBeef (a poor pun from an English Lit major on Macbeth) is one endless screed against the corruption of American culture. A cheesy re-telling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it involves a young man abused by his step-father, a former NFL football player. The son, throws epithets at his father calling him a ‘Catholic priest’. And makes derisive comments about McDonalds. It seems that none of the foundational structures of Western Civilization, Christianity, capitalism, family, are spared his rage. In other words, he really meant what he said in his last words: “you (that is us, America) made me do this.”

It seems apparent that there is a certain mind-set which some people develop that can manifest itself in various forms such as Nazism, Communism, Islam, or in this case, even an improvised freelance set of personal beliefs without a home. Furthermore, in western styled democracies there is a degree of this antagonism which works through ideologues who ascribe to the extreme right, or the even more prevailing leftist dogmas; although, other than instances involving activist such as Timothy McVeigh or Ted Kaczynski, reactions usually tend to be less extreme.

However, this catalyst of hatred can find a home in any civilization and Islamic culture has made an institution of it, which sees itself as a victim and everything else as an irredeemable evil which can only be destroyed.

I have no doubt that this is the spirit that built Islam and that currently Islam is the most visible example of this frame of mind.

But beware, Islam is not the only breeding ground, it is but one vehicle, and we would best remember how many people the Communists and Nazis slaughtered in their quest.

Islam is a conspicuous enemy but not the only one affected; there are other nations and societies, which if they come to possess enough power, will create a conducive environment in which the people can be convinced they are victims and the “us versus them” mentality can be exploited and flourish.

It is a mistake to believe that the force which drove this young man is not prevalent to varying degrees in many places. It would be easy to write-off what happened at Virginia Tech as an aberration which produces a few isolated cases from time to time. Notwithstanding, this mentality of hatred, if it gains traction within a society, can become mainstream and embedded in the culture as evidenced by what took place in Germany 70 years ago, or what took place under Stalin or Mao, or what is occurring presently in Islamic societies.


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Today, April 9th, 2007, the world’s leading natural gas exporting countries will gather in Doha Qatar. At issue is the creation of a new natural gas cartel. The cartel, which for a start would bring together Russia, Iran, Algeria, Qatar and Venezuela is meeting with the goal of laying the ground work for the creation an alliance that will be the most important energy player worldwide.

The adverse effects of the creation of such a cartel would be felt mainly by North America, Europe, Israel and other Democratic nations.

Global Threats Leading to the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Takeover
By David Jonsson

[….] The future enemies of Europe and the United States [I would add Israel – RT] will be a mutation of current and past foes both domestically and internationally. In confronting these forces, knowledge of their ideologies, objectives and determination will make all the difference. The domestic foes may be either sympathizers or via actual operatives. In the period following the downfall of the Soviet Union, this is the first time that favorable conditions have emerged on the side of the Leftist and Islamists around the world to challenge the hegemony of the West…..

………The lack of attention to plan and address the dangers of dependence on imported oil from the Middle East and Venezuela has allowed the transfer of enormous financial reserves to these countries to fund their development for control. Europe’s nightmare is further compounded by the potential for a world natural gas cartel. The Leftist/Marxist — Islamist Alliance through joining together a global cabal of nations for the control of the world’s energy infrastructure, finance, media and transportation assets present a real and current danger to the West.

Russia has effectively created a noose around Europe controlling their import of natural gas……..

……Without diminishing the threat posed by the near term events in the Middle East, it is important nonetheless to recognize that they are a distraction, a deliberate provocation designed to keep our eyes focused on the wrong enemy. The true threat is and always has been the worldwide communist movement joined by Islamists, spearheaded by Russia, and Communist China. While the Iraq and Iran crises continues, the strategy of the Grand Chess Masters—Russia the bear and China the dragon, along with their pawns the Leftists, Marxists and Islamists, continue to develop and put in place their strategy for the ultimate goal of world domination. ——- Global Politician/Article Source

This has been a contention of mine for some time. The Russians and the Chinese are interested in the expansion of global power. The situation in the Middle-east has allowed them to use Iran, Syria, and others by proxy to that very end by distracting and weakening the West while at the same time strengthening their relations and economic ties with Islamic states and organizations in order to gain influence in the region and control energy supplies.

Islam is a great threat, but alone it would be much less so. What constitutes the totality of the threat is the empowerment of Islamic nations by the likes of Russia and China which provide diplomatic cover internationally while at the same time are engaging in transfers of arms and technology to Islamic states and organizations. It is an alliance of convenience for all parties involved.

Add to this league certain oil producing countries in South America which embrace a Leftist agenda and you have the makings of a confederacy capable of presenting a formidable challenge to western hegemony, power, and wealth.

On the other hand, this presents an even greater threat to the State of Israel seeing that the Islamic element of the cartel is critical to the strength and effectiveness of the alliance. Such being the case, Islamic members will hold sway over the Middle-Eastern policies of the other members to the detriment of Israel.

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