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The Middle-East “peace process” by any name is a severed branch from a tree. While its leaves may appear green, it is effectively dead. You can pretend it is alive but it is only a matter of time until the leaves are obviously brown and falling off.

The leaves have been turning brown and falling off the branch of peace for some time now but world leaders, including some in Israel keep pointing to the few remaining leaves which are destine to fall declaring there is hope.

This they do because the repercussions of Middle-Eastern policies of all nations over the last few decades are disastrous, but no one wishes to face this harsh reality – For the nations have built themselves up on the foundation of a globalized economy dependent upon a continuous flow of oil.

The world’s economy has become so interdependent that even nations who despise each other rely on each other.

Even the Saudis and the other oil producing nations who hate western civilization are reliant upon the revenues.

It is this dependence that perpetuates the “peace process” even though there are no “roots” to supply life to it – It is a facade that continues until the last leaf falls, which inevitably it must.

This explains the grasping of dead leaves by a desperate US State Department in its most recent attempt to resurrect the dead branch.

This is evident, consider tone in the following article from The Sun News, Sunday, March 25th:

After years of neglect, Israeli peace at forefront
By Warren P. Strobel
Washington Bureau

– It’s a cruel irony, but one all too familiar to those who have followed the tortuous history of Middle East peacemaking.

After six years of rejecting the conventional wisdom that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was at the core of the Middle East’s turmoil, the Bush administration is devoting itself to the cause of Middle East peace in its remaining 22 months.

And its timing could hardly be worse.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice left Friday for a four-day trip to the region that U.S. officials and foreign diplomats think will achieve little in the near term.

Almost nothing seems to be working in her favor. The latest political development was the formation of a Palestinian unity government whose platform echoes that of dominant faction Hamas, which Washington considers a terrorist group. It makes no mention of recognizing Israel or renouncing violence, positions on which Washington and the international community insist.

Meanwhile, two weak politicians are leading Israel and the Palestinians. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government has lost almost all public support since last summer’s war in Lebanon, and the report next month from a government-appointed commission on his performance during the crisis may cripple him altogether.

The clout of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas also has waned since Hamas defeated his moderate Fatah faction in January 2006 legislative elections, built up its military wing and engaged in weeks-long street battles with Abbas’ forces.

Army Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, in charge of security coordination with the Palestinians, reportedly told a House of Representatives panel in closed session this month that Abbas’ power was eroding dangerously.

Hamas, which took power in elections that Rice encouraged, is now an “organic” part of the Palestinian political system, said former State Department official Aaron David Miller, who advised six secretaries of state on Arab-Israeli negotiations.

“She runs head-on into the Hamas problem, which is going to make her task galactically harder,” said Miller, author of a forthcoming history of U.S. mediation in the conflict.

Rice seems determined to press forward, nonetheless….. Full Article Link

This effort to keep the process going is evidence of how hopeless the situation has become and how desperate world powers are to keep it alive. It is not peace that they believe to establish but the process itself – For, it is the process that is relied upon to sustain the calm – this perpetual process has become a substitute for peace and it is evident that it is coming undone.

What will Israel and the US surrender to keep it alive a little bit longer?


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The shape of things to come is partly evident in an article published March 11 2007 in the Financial Times under the heading The new Seven Sisters: oil and gas giants dwarf western rivals

The article notes a shift in global power from the West to the East through manipulation of energy supplies by an affinity of nations in the East, Middle-East and in South America.

If the West is “Rome” then in the global economic struggle for control these nations represent the barbarians.

An excerpt from a recent article in the Financial Times which exposes this new cartel:

…….As oil prices have trebled over the past four years, a new group of oil and gas companies has risen to prominence. They have consolidated their power as aggressive resource holders and seekers and pushed the world’s biggest listed energy groups, which emerged out of the original seven sisters – ExxonMobil and Chevron of the US and Europe’s BP and Royal Dutch Shell – on to the sidelines and into an existential crisis.

The “new seven sisters”, or the most influential energy companies from countries outside the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, have been identified by the Financial Times in consultation with numerous industry executives. They are Saudi Aramco, Russia’s Gazprom, CNPC of China, NIOC of Iran, Venezuela’s PDVSA, Brazil’s Petrobras and Petronas of Malaysia.

Overwhelmingly state-owned, they control almost one-third of the world’s oil and gas production and more than one-third of its total oil and gas reserves. In contrast, the old seven sisters – which shrank to four in the industry consolidation of the 1990s – produce about 10 per cent of the world’s oil and gas and hold just 3 per cent of reserves. Even so, their integrated status – which means they sell not only oil and gas, but also gasoline, diesel and petrochemicals – push their revenues notably higher than those of the newcomers.

Robin West, chairman of PFC Energy, an industry consultancy, says: “The reason the original seven sisters were so important was that they were the rule makers; they controlled the industry and the markets. Now, these new seven sisters are the rule makers and the international oil companies are the rule takers.”

The implications of this cannot be understated for the values of these nations that are taking over energy supplies will change the complexion of the world. There is currently a global shift of power taking place by the shift of money from open capitalistic societies to formally closed societies such as Russia and China.

Because these forces are more in line with each other (as closed totalitarian societies) at some point there will be movement to use their consolidated power to establish global dominance. Until then the West will find itself in the coils of a large Boa being slowly squeezed.

Also consider, most of these nations, if they do not already hate the US & Israel, would act in their own interest to the determent of both to increase their wealth and power. There will be therefore a pact among them in order to build a confederacy – and it is likely that nations such as Russia and certainly Venezuela will acquiesces to the Arabs, for they need the Arabs on board if they are going to build a bloc that is successful in cornering energy supplies. This of course will effect their policies and create strained relations with the West and Israel.

For the time being they will squeeze the West, for they still depend on US dollars for the inflow of their wealth and will suck out what they can. However, eventually they will reach the point that they can shift away from the dollar and destroy the economies of the West without too much negative impact on their nations. The key to doing this is Europe.

Europe may be spared in this if they play ball with the energy giants, for a shift is most feasible from the dollar to the Euro, and the Europeans would come on board with the anti-Western axis in exchange for the free flow of energy supplies to Europe. It is not that far fetched that Europeans may do that, France would have no problem doing it now and we have recently seen how that Russia can put the energy squeeze on Europe. How much more if they work in concert with other oil producing countries?

Think about it — An anti-Western confederacy consisting of Russia, Venezuela, and the Arab oil producing nations. China which often votes with Russia may very well see it in their national interest to go along. All that is needed then to gain the upper-hand is a replacement for the US dollar as the international currency for oil exchange – enter the Euro – the temptation and pressure on the Europeans will be to much for them to resist and they will play ball with the energy cartel and their international policies will reflect this bondage. The implications for the US and Israel will be quite devastating in a number of ways.

For further reading see:Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?

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For whereas in times past empires were based upon the the ruling power of kingdoms and nations, this new imperial beast arising in the world today is supranational.

Ever since the League of Nations there has been an ongoing effort to form a global society, but diverse ideologies have hindered the synthesis of nations — Multi-Culturalism is an attempt to overcome many of the barriers.

One of the ironic aspects in this is the clash between totalitarianism and democracy which has been an obstacle to global synthesis. What is most ironic about the clash is that the wealthy elitists who wish to create a controlled society with Marxist underpinnings, only seem to be able to do so by using free market capitalism to weaken closed societies while gaining control in open ones.

For it is not that any of the powerful nations, open or closed, such as Russia, China, the USA or the EU oppose a new world order, for they all aspire to it. The conflict is over the composition of it, for they all wish it to be patterned after their ideologies, and they all want to be a controlling force behind it.

However, there is currently a global shift of power taking place by the shift of money from open capitalistic societies to formally closed societies such as Russia and China. The idea is to eventually come to a middle ground between closed and open societies where synthesis can take place. This middle area between Eastern and Western ideologies is identical in many ways was to what Mussolini called fascism. Free societies are becoming more controlled as power is being shifted from the middle class to the corporate class by the creation of monopolies. On the other hand closed societies are embracing corporate capitalism, even if only a means to empower themselves as a nation – but there is no true freedom, liberty, or democracy.

The dream of the Multi-Culturalists is to rid the world of national allegiances by recognition of all cultures as equal parts of a supreme global society. Thus, any nationalism such as Zionism is seen as being divisive as well as American patriotism. “We are the world” is the song, “We are all equal” is the mantra.

This is a dream that can only turn into a nightmare when a true clash of civilizations inevitably takes place – For not all ideas, nor are all beliefs, religions, or cultures equal – And the carnivores will devour the weaker beast.

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Christianity and Judaism in juxtaposition of Islam

Is there the possibility that Islam will go through a reformation such as the Reformation of Christianity which took place in Europe transforming the religion? To answer this we must first understand the nature of the religions.

The Bible can be made to say almost anything if you pick and choose from it. Such was the case with Christianity, for it was the absence of scriptural information which contributed to the manipulation and persecution of the people by the Church in the Dark Ages. The violence perpetrated by Christianity for the most part came at a time when it was unlawful to posses copies the holy scriptures unless you were a member of Church hierarchy.

The Church changed only because the people became more informed. For beginning from the time that the full text of the Bible became available to the common people, there started a movement which first lead to Protestantism and has resulted in the Evangelical movement today. This transformation did not happen over night and there still exists today remnants of the old totalitarian Romanistic Christianity of yesteryear. Notwithstanding, at present, many Christians now hold Israel and the Jewish people in high esteem; and this favor comes NOT in spite of Christian scriptures, but because of them, for it was disclosure of the full text which turned the tide against anti-Semitism in Christianity.

This change is impossible within Islam for there are no undisclosed versus in the Koran that are being withheld. Therefore, it is not possible that by releasing more information a context of goodwill and peace will emerge.  In fact, for Islam the opposite is true; for the reverse must be done and Koranic scripture must be taken away or annulled rather than revealed to make Islam a religion of peace.

Judaism on the other hand never preached world conquest or the coercion of all of mankind by the sword. There was a commandment for the conquest of Canaan but it was limited to a specific area and directed at 7 specific groups in those areas; also it was limited to the time it took to subdue the land, after which Israel would exist in peace among the nations to become an example to the nations.

Israel was told that they could make peace with all nations which offered peace except those seven which were appointed to destruction. Why were they appointed to destruction? – According to scripture they were murderous people who were sacrificing their children in burnt offerings and were beyond reform.

How many people today would object to a UN resolution empowering civilized nations to go against a blood thirsty nation that was burning their first born children on alters and threatening the world? (However, the UN would not do that nor would nations follow, for it is happening today in the sense that Islam is sacrificing its children even unto the death by teaching its new generations to become martyrs – first born, second born, third born, all of them)

To sum it all up, Islam will not reform, it is the antithesis of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The conflict between Christianity and Judaism is theological more than political, we can live with differences, but Islam is political and totalitarian. In the end it will defeat all or will be defeated.

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