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Writing about the past has an advantage because it has happened, writing about the future has an advantage because it has not – It is writing about the present that is subject to the most vehement critique, for although many of us see the same things we see them differently, sometimes diametrically so.

However, it was the present day writer and communicator through the annals of history which often shaped the future, many times in a detrimental way – and are they now not responsible, at least in part, for the past?

The history of the world is, more often than not, one catastrophe after another with scattered rays of light and hope between, or sometimes during them. To deny this one would have to ignore most of what has happened since the record began.

If the majority of communications had been accurate, history would not be as dark as it is. Evil communications corrupt good manners.

In the past it was often the lone voice – the voice of one crying out in the wilderness – that bore the truest message. It may be harder in some ways today to hear the true message, for the voice is not in the wilderness; it is a voice among millions of other divers voices of countless proclamations. Thus, the sound goes out but it is drown in a sea of voices.

Where am I going with this?

The voices today of the main stream are creating a surreality – And not just in Western societies, this is taking place all over the world so that there exists many different surreal perceptions which are accepted as reality by the mainstreams of many divers cultures.

These perceptions which are accepted as reality often clash with other perceptions which are the perceived reality of others, and they certainly clash with reality itself, so that they are all destine to collide at some point.

The Information Age has become the Age of Disinformation and rather than a synthesis of worldviews there is polarization, and not just between societies but within them. This is causing a global schism which threatens to bring world chaos.

In an attempt to remedy this, powerful elitist in government and international organizations seek to establish global standards and it is to this end that media is controlled and the United Nations and international laws are exalted.

The dilemma is that there will be global conflict or global control – And I would go further and say that global controls will also result in global conflict.

We are coming into a great clash of civilizations, for globalization has taken effect in transportation, communications, and technologies causing each to effect each other and to some extent depend upon each other, but the various cultures have not melted together. This will not go indefinitely without resolution – And whose reality is to prevail?


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Morality is fixed; it is absolute. It is our grasp or attempts to grasp it that fall short and in some cases diametrically oppose it. However, some people certainly have a much clearer concept of it than others.

The alternative to the view that morality is a constant is that morality is relative to the majority, to the culture or society, or merely relative altogether, at which point it becomes ever shifting and arbitrary. With that being said, imagine if the Nazis had prevailed and then succeeded with their ambitions. Those considered sub-human would be under subjugation and every person on earth whose ancestry could be traced to the Jewish people would be gone – Would the Holocaust today be viewed as an atrocity or an evolutionary stage toword the perfection of mankind? – Even now by some people and in some places it is the latter.

The defense of the Nazi officials at Nuremberg was based on moral relativism – morality was relative to society; Germany was a sovereign nation and had a different concept of morality than the one they were being tried under, thus, Nazis were not guilty of any crimes.

The world disagreed with their argument, but again, if Nazism had prevailed, would their deeds be atrocious?

This is what is happening today. The world is losing its moral compass and right and wrong are becoming relative and arbitrary.

Not only must there be an accepted standard of morality to a certain extent, it must also be right, or we are are guaranteed that atrocities will be perpetuated.

Unfortunately, today the standard is becoming that Israel is the culprit and the Apartheid for its attempts at survival and that the USA is the most evil nation on earth and the biggest threat to the world. (The US has its faults but it is hardly what the worldview of it has become)

Morality that only exists as a perception of the vast majority is not morality; left unchecked this pseudo-morality will tend to destruction and chaos on a global scale such as the world has never seen.

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Jesus advocated violence saying that he came not to bring peace but a sword. Notwithstanding, his use of the term sword in context with the surrounding scriptures is often used metaphorically as a symbol of spiritual division, for he also preached against physical violence. He stated that the kingdom he was representing was not earthly and it could not be advanced or defended by carnal weapons.

However, he did say something about earthly kingdoms.

Jesus said. “If my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight

With that in mind, is America our kingdom; and, is it of this world? I would venture to say it is and that it is also worth fighting for. However, if it became over time like Nazi Germany, or the old USSR, it could come to the place it no longer would be worth fighting for or defending in a physical sense.

That being said, I believe that defense is not only a right but an obligation, however, there must be enough spiritual substance that is worthy of defending to qualify for it.

Israel at the time of Christ was a fallen and corrupt nation, even the temple priest were illegitimate and were sold out to the Romans. Is it possible that at that time Israel was not worth defending and any victory would prolong a perverse nation?

In the Bible God through his prophets told the people of Israel to surrender. On one occasion Jeremiah proclaimed to the people that they should go out to the king of Babylon and serve him and by doing so they could spare their lives and their city. Jeremiah was imprisoned and almost put to death for this; but then, wound it not seem treasonous to weaken and undermine your nation at a time of such peril? But Israel had become corrupt before God and God would not deliver Israel in that of state of depravation.

Those who fought against the Chaldeans were slain and Jerusalem was destroyed. However, on the other hand, there were many other occasions in which the Israelites had been commanded to fight and they prevailed against overwhelming odds.

Many Christians today are confused by what seems to be the pacifist message of Jesus, and it is true Jesus used the sword figuratively to represent spiritual division. But if God has given us an earthly kingdom in addition to a heavenly one, as long as it is worthy of defending we had better do so. That being said, may God grant us enough wisdom to know when the nation in which we reside is our kingdom or when it is fallen beyond worth. I, at this point, in spite of the depravity and corruption still see in America enough worth fighting for.

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The dominion belongs to reality, however, for the time reality seems to be largely absent. There is a manipulation of information on such an immense scale today that most people now live in a pseudo-reality. As more and more people adopt a false reality the perception of it as truth becomes greater and others are also persuaded to accept it as such.

Finally, when a delusion gains enough momentum, those who do not accept it are intimidated, ridiculed, and given derogatory labels by the true believers of pseudo-reality so that by their sheer numbers they cause even some clear thinkers to begin questioning themselves.

It then becomes possible that for a finite period of time pseudo-reality can work with the same power and affect as reality itself by the control of perceptions. If enough people are convinced that markets are going up they invest in the markets and they do indeed go up, even if there is no physical foundation for it, but it will not be sustainable.

For although a pseudo-reality can bring forth a positive effect, that effect is often doomed having no foundation in reality. However, more often than not, a pseudo-reality is likely to have a negative result bringing a destructive end to what could have been a positive outcome.

“I believe it and therefore it is,”
This seems to be the philosophy of the elitist media, those who regard them, and also many of those in high places of power today. They believe that if they can control perceptions by the manipulation of information that they can control the world and create reality. This is a folly of catastrophic proportions that has put the world on a collision course with the truth. When reality inevitably collides with false perceptions the end result shall be the devastation of that which is not. Reality always comes back to claim its domain.

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Some people say we are not winning in Iraq; they say it has become a breading ground and a magnet for terrorist. On the surface those may seem like fair statements. The full truth is different; Iraq has been a major focus of terrorist energies. It is where the main focus of their power and resources are being expended.

If we leave Iraq not only will radical elements take control and begin a purge resulting in countless atrocities, the energies of terrorism will refocus on Western interest abroad and new attacks within our borders. When this begins it will be much more difficult situation than we face now for the attacks will occur over much of the globe rather than in a concentrated area. Iraq is approximately the size of Texas; the northern third where the Kurds are is under control as is the majority of the other 2/3rds. However, all of the media attention on Iraq has been on narrowly focused on the hot-spots; it is those flash points which have been used to create the image of the Iraq situation in whole.

The terrorist appeasement movement with the help of high profile liberals and the liberal MSM have undermined moral in a treasonous way by distroting reality, not just in Iraq, but of the war on terror and the world situation in general. This has greatly diminished the will of the public to win. In my view they have blood on their hands of Americas, Iraqis and many others around the globe. They also will bear guilt for much of the blood that will be spilled in the future.

The hope of a terrorist victory lies virtually upon the support and aide of powerful liberal elites, their masses of dupes, and the liberal media – The terrorist have themselves repeatedly stated this, so it is not credibly argued against. After this last election they declared victory, praised Allah for it, and confirmed their pledge to destroy Israel and the West.

We will see terrorism in the future again and again in our lands for we have failed to deal with it seriously.

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The New York Times Approves Of A Pre-emptive Strike.

“In this week’s New York Times Book Review, a historian reviewing a major new work of 20th-century history, Oxford and Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson’s “The War of the World,” notes that “Ferguson argues that the Western powers should have gone to war in 1938, which would most likely have avoided much of the horror of World War II . . . . “Imagine that. The New York Times publishes a favorable book review of a book arguing that a pre-emptive war in 1938 would have saved tens of millions of lives aside from preventing the Holocaust, “without parallel . . . the most wicked act in all history.” Dennis Prager

The most effective tool the terrorist have are those who oppose actions against them. If the world in large and the Democrats at home had supported actions in Iraq success would have been assured. By not doing so they have condemned countless lives to death. Know that if they gain control over policy they may achieve peace but for a moment – then an unstoppable destruction will befall many. Few have more blood on their hands over the last century than those who have demanded peace at any cost and demoralized support for those who would have delivered it to them had they been supported – Remember Pol Pot. The media is relentless in its quest for their own personal safety, comfort, and well being – But destruction will come upon them suddenly and they shall not escape the fruit of their own doings.

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Al Qaeda is seeking technology for nuclear device to attack West

“A senior British official confirmed Tuesday that the “aspiration is there” and so are attempts to gather materials and technology. Earlier this week, head of the British spy agency MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller revealed that some 1,600 young British Muslims are being groomed as suicide bombers with links to al Qaeda in Pakistan. She said at least 30 terrorist attacks are being plotted in Britain, which could involve chemical and nuclear devices. “Other countries also face a new terrorist threat,” she warned, from Spain to France to Canada and Germany.” ………. Debka 11/14/2006

I know, this stuff is getting old – Yaaaaaawnnnn……are we dead yet? smok'n


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