The Faith Against Faith

The false dichotomy between faith and reason

All thought must have a foundation of beliefs in order to process information for reasoning. Being that we are constantly forced into making decisions, other than being bipolar, we have no option but to embrace a set of beliefs to predicate our decisions upon. Although there are many ideologies upon which to form a foundation of thought, they can be reduced into two basic categories, herein referred to as spiritual and material, or sometimes distinguished as faith and reason(religion and science). Keep in mind that these terms are not precise seeing that the materialist will show a spiritual side and does place faith in something, and the spiritual man is not without reason or necessarily in denial of science, although a part of his reason is based upon a trust that there are things in existence which cannot be seen or proven by man, but nonetheless, are a reality. Therefore, there is a false dichotomy between faith and “reason”, because everyone who believes anything, or holds any ideology or belief system, embraces both. But even so, when faith is misplaced, reason becomes corrupted.

Because of conflicts between spiritual and material(worldly) foundations of thought, there becomes a necessity to choose one over the other as the predominate basis in making choices; for you cannot establish a direction in life based upon uncertainty. As it is written: “You cannot serve God and mammon”. It is easy for one to say they are agnostic, but in practice when making certain choices, some decisions must be made by faith; and the rejection of a faith often is in itself an opposing faith, or a faith against a faith. For if we are to believe anything, we must base trust in what knowledge is. And we cannot always do that solely on what is proven or accepted as fact because of the many unknowns. For even with all we know, there are gaps in our knowledge created by unknowns. It is often necessary to fill these gaps, which we attempt to do by reasoning. This means that along with provable certainties, we also all choose to believe some things which are only accepted by faith. This is true whether we believe in God or not. For while one can claim only to believe in science, it is almost impossible, because at this point scientific knowledge is too incomplete by itself to completely support an ideology. And because it is incomplete, one who believes only in science is often forced to interpret what the science means, which gives birth to theories. This too becomes faith wherein one puts trust in his own reasoning. For we cannot make any sense of anything without first laying a foundation of what we accept as knowledge. And without this foundation, we are tossed to and fro being unstable and confused. Herein lies the Great Division between the spiritual man and the carnal man sometimes referred to imprecisely as, science versus religion, or reason versus faith. In reality, those terms create a false dichotomy; for faith is hardly without reason, nor is secular reasoning completely devoid of faith.

A secular belief system based solely upon scientific reasoning places more limitations on knowledge than does a system based upon faith in God, in part because the secularist will reject knowledge received by revelation or through testimony of a personal experience. While often this can be the correct thing to do, there are cases where revelations, experiences, and testimonies are indeed true. Even an event that takes place with no witnesses still happens. So likewise, the rejection of all things that cannot be proven also will include some truths. Nonetheless, by doing so, secularists put academia in the position of being the exclusive arbitrators in determining what qualifies for knowledge and biases arise wherein there is often an exclusion of the beliefs and knowledge held by others if it dose not conform to their ideology.

Because of the gaps in knowledge, to connect the pieces together, secularists are themselves forced to resort to faith to manufacture links, often at best based upon circumstantial evidence. They rely upon theories to arrive at explanations and conclusions. In doing so, however, their explanations often tend to create even more questions, which in turn demands an even greater faith and an expansion of theories. Thus, in many cases, the materialist ends up being no less believing, no less devoted, no less fanatical, nor any less evangelical, and far more wildly imaginative than his religious counterpart.

Nonetheless, when popular ideas and theories gain enough traction in intellectual circles, they often become accepted as a reality and are incorporated and “certified” as knowledge, even without sufficient supporting evidence. Thus, pure science is undermined and in many cases, the occupation embraces faith and becomes a profession with a ‘religious’ nature. Agenda driven ideologies become dogma and are embraced by the academics, creating numerous instances wherein things are treated as indisputable fact when at best they are unknown. But then too, many things which are indeed true are treated as falsehoods or dismissed. The end result is science ceases to be as scientific as it claims.

H.G. Wells, whom I have often cited, a man sold solely on science and reason, exhibits his faith in the following words,

“There was no Creation in the past, we begin to realize, but eternally there is creation; there was no Fall to account for the conflict of good and evil, but a stormy ascent. Life as we know it is a mere beginning….“ “……We have still barely emerged from among the animals in their struggle for existence. We live only in the early dawn of human self-consciousness and in the first awakening of the spirit of mastery.”

This is a statement of faith and a religious expression of secular-humanism wherein mankind is essentially evolving to the status of being “God”. To further illustrate this religious aspect of secular humanism embraced by materialists we can continue with Wells’s writing where he says,

“Man’s soul is no longer his own. It is, he discovers, part of a greater being which lived before he was born and will survive him. The idea of a survival of the definite individual with all the accidents and idiosyncrasies of his temporal nature upon him dissolves to nothing in this new view of immortality…..……The first sentence in the modern creed must be, not “I believe,” but “I give myself.”

Thus accordingly, the secular mindset holds that creation is and of itself; there is nothing more. Man’s sole purpose is not as an individual but in being a “part of a greater being”(the collective). It is to give himself to the “being” for the advancement of mankind (the being) to higher levels. As individuals alone we have little to no value, but as a apart of the collective, we are as single cells in the immortal body of humanity. Our sole purpose of existing is to help advance the immortal body of civilization through the stages of evolution. Cells die, but they are replaced by new and the body lives. Collectively, we are the supreme being. There is no God above us. It is this vein of thinking that puts mankind above all and invites justification for man to act as God, to decide who is innocent and who is guilty, who should live and who should die. The lives of individuals become dispensable if deemed a liability to the advancement or benefit of the body of humanity. This rejection of faith in God creates a faith, albeit, an atheistic one with all the aspects of a religion.

Wells was an understudy of Thomas Huxley (“Darwin’s bulldog“) and his writing exemplifies the strain of thought that was widespread in academia in the early 1900s. Wells was not an originator of this thought but was indoctrinated into this line of thinking in the universities and rejected faith in God.

It was this worldview which gave birth to the eugenics movement to facilitate evolution in the process whereby the “superior” elements supersede the weaker. The ideology spread worldwide and particularly throughout institutions of “higher” learning. The introduction of this into Germany was inspirational in the Nazis’ determination that the Aryans were the most advanced race, and thus, not only had the right, but an obligation to the future of humanity to supersede the inferior elements which were destroying the world and slowing the evolutionary process. Only those deemed the most perfect had value, the lives of all others were disposable and worthy of life only as long and in as much as they were useful in the advancement of the Übermensch.

By this time, the Soviet Union also had already promoting the unrealistic concept of perfection in a material world, but more emphasis was placed on the march toward social perfection rather than genetic superiority. The result, however, was no better under Communism than it was under Nazism; but even though the Communists were responsible for many more deaths than the Nazis, communism has not not attained to the same degree of stigma. As a result, today even in western societies, Marxist ideologies are woven into progressive socialist agendas and Darwinism is foundational in governmental education.

The words of Vladimir Lenin, “We may regard the material and cosmic world as the supreme being, as the cause of all causes, as the creator of heaven and earth,” may be well and widely accepted throughout universities everywhere.

Well over a hundred million lives have fallen victim to materialists ideologies which are essentially based on the concept that man is the supreme being and that the supreme men are “God.” How this repeats itself in the future is yet to be seen, but it will be seen if man continues down that road.

Arbitrary Morality

According to secular humanism, not only have the species been evolving, but law is “living and breathing” and also evolving. For law, having no source other than from those persons who create it, is relative, arbitrary, and at this point incomplete. Thus, whatever seems the most expedient or beneficial at the moment is deemed acceptable. The problem however, is that what benefits some may be totally devastating for others.

From this conflict of interests comes the concept of the “common good” wherein the benefits for society as a whole are weighed against the rights, freedoms, or even the lives of those whose suffering would seem small in comparison to the benefits reaped by society. In all actuality, however, the benefit of the elite ruling class carries more weight than the “common good” of society, and it is arrogantly viewed by them as being the same.

In the elitists mind, if a few years of holocaust purges out the “corrupt” and “inferior” elements of humanity and brings a thousand year reign of a superior and more perfect civilization, then so be it, it was merely a part of the process. Besides, how much future suffering will be avoided by eliminating the “sub-humans” and their posterity who were spared being born? The overall gain is a plus. This type of rational is the direct result of reason absent a faith in God. It is the place reason always ends when it travels alone.

Faith or Reason

Reason absent faith has proven itself a force of destruction. By the same token, faith absent reason is no less destructive than reason without faith. Man cannot live without faith; he is intellectually paralyzed without it. On the other hand, by faith alone without reason, man is also lost. Only when knowledge is perfect can reason be perfect; and a faith that is not misplaced possesses the same virtue as knowledge; for indeed, it is knowledge.

As many have been destroyed by the reasoning of the Godless, a great many have also been destroyed by faith in a “God”. What the two have in common, however, is materialism. For the as the Godless have based their ideology upon the physical world, those religions responsible for the murder of countless individuals did the same by establishing their faith in the physical realm. For although they professed to be spiritual, in practice their deeds were physical, aimed at fulfilling worldly ambitions. This is as true of the Church of Rome it is of Islam today.

Although the evangelical Christian may preach about hell, the Islamic fanatic believes it his duty to expedite your arrival as soon and as horrifically as possible. The faith of the former is in the spiritual; he awaits a kingdom, and judgment is carried out by God alone in his time. On the other hand, the latter acts in the place of God, to execute judgment and establish a physical kingdom of “God” on earth. The pursuit of an earthy kingdom was the ambition also of Roman Catholicism, of both the Nazis and Communists, and it is also the vision of “progressive” elitists today.

Thus, religions that base their actions on the establishment of a kingdom in the physical realm have more in common with communists, fascists, and other secular collectivists who seek to do the same, than they do with those who base their faith on an everlasting omnipotent Creator, who has endowed men with a free will and inalienable rights!

Reason alone did not bring freedom, it did not create rights, nor did it bring justice; it has always done the opposite. For reason never travels alone; it is always accompanied by ideology. And reason is to be a servant of faith, a helper to bring invisible principles into the knowledge of a physical world as a constant foundation. For, if we are to avoid catastrophe, we must balance faith with reason, reason with faith, but the redeeming virtue of reason comes from faith.

RAS – 2007


What is Christianity? Where did it originate? Is there a difference between Christianity, The Church, and the true “Body of Christ”?

The first believers in Yeshua, today more commonly known as Jesus, were called “Followers of the Way”; and they were Jews living in Judea. In other nations, variations of the Babylonian religion of the sun god had for centuries become established as the foundation of belief. It was upon the foundation of Babylonian religion that virtually all nations and people would build their beliefs and systems. In different cultures and among different peoples and nations, this ancient religion would evolve, mutating into various versions, adding, subtracting, and interjecting different ideas, often substituting different names for the same deities, idols, and gods. In Rome up until the time Christianity became the official state religion, “Sol Invictus Mithras” — “The Unconquered Sun Mithra” was worshiped. This religion disappears around the 4th Century A.D. Is this time frame coincidental? Or, did the practice of idolatry even disappear? Contrary to common belief, Rome did not convert to Christianity. It would be more correct to say it was Christianity that was converted into being Roman. By incorporation of the Gospel with existing beliefs and practices, Roman idolatry was given a face lift, maybe more like a face transplant. Thousands of Christians whose Christianity was at odds with Rome’s version were put to death by Constantine. Was that very Christian? This would become the rule for hundreds of years to follow.

It was a brilliant plan by Satan to incorporate the truth of Yeshua into his lie. It would become the lie whereby Christianity would become characterized for hundreds of years, even until today. But Satan made one fatal mistake. By incorporating some truth into his idolatrous Babylonian religion, he provided for its demise. Indeed, for there is something within the truth that is so powerful, it fights to restore itself to the fullness of truth. Even in the midst of lies, truth cries aloud to be heard and to come out. There are those who hear truth’s voice for it tugs at their hearts and they cannot escape its pull. Truth draws these people continually unto the fullness thereof. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, truth is restored. This is how we have come to arrive where we are today. And the restoration of Truth is not finished. The Truth was spread around the whole world within a lie and has been fighting its way out of that lie ever since — often at the price of the lives of those who dared declare it. No, the restorationists were not perfect, but they were moved by the Spirit, and those who would follow after would bring truth, each one, little by little, closer to home. As it was foretold by the prophet Joel:

Tell ye your children of it,
And let your children tell their children,
And their children another generation.

That which the palmer-worm hath left hath the locust eaten; And that which the locust hath left hath the canker-worm eaten; And that which the canker-worm hath left hath the caterpillar eaten.

Awake, ye drunkards, and weep,
And wail, all ye drinkers of wine,
Because of the sweet wine,
For it is cut off from your mouth.

But in chapter 2, Joel proclaims the restoration of the truth.

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, The canker-worm, and the caterpillar, and the palmer-worm. . .”

The Bible is a Jewish book, both parts. It must be restored and understood in its Jewish context if it is to be understood by anyone. There are over 40,000 different Christian denominations and sects. What has not been corrupted or devoured, all or in part, by 40,000 armies of palmer-worms, locust, canker-worms, and caterpillars? Doctrines left in tact by one have been perverted by another. Yet, even within those institutions there have been those who came to know Him through faith in Him, in spite of many false doctrines — to whom He says, “Come out from among them my people. . . “

Truth is a great city sitting high above all realms. Truth gives light to our world of darkness, and without it, we would be in absolute spiritual darkness. The children of men have a natural aversion to spiritual light, for it is in the darkness that worldly desires may be fully embraced. Humans realize that the nearer they approach to the light, worldly ideas and ambitions are exposed and dispelled. This drives many away from the light into the nether regions of darkness; for only in ignorance are they able to continue their pursuits and embrace those things wherein they take pleasure.

With fulfillment of lusts, and with an increase of power, wealth, celebrity, and fame comes a greater tendency of aversion to the light; for knowledge of the truth threatens to deprive one of a full pursuit of worldly pleasures. The temptation for those who are rich in worldly goods, or rich in the spirit of their own ways, is to travel away from the city of light into the most remote and darkest regions of worldliness — the realm of ignorance. Is it any wonder then that often it is the rich of this world: the most powerful, the most famous, the wealthiest, who are the greatest adversaries of the truth and the most detached from reality? And who is more outspoken against truth? They band together to create an institution of darkness for which to impose upon others. They create a throne of self-righteousness whereupon they may sit as royals. Above all others they set themselves as judges, kings and queens. In their minds they are the wise. Notwithstanding, Yeshua said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

On the other hand are the poor in spirit who hunger and thirst for righteousness. These are they who grope in the darkness for hope. Looking around the world about them, they see no true source of light, only reflections in the glass flickering for a moment, and the torches of worldly fires that are soon to burn themselves out. Looking upward, they are drawn by the Light they see atop the hill. From near and afar off they behold the light atop the hill, and being captivated by its brightness, are moved to travel toward it. From every region they come, and as each one begins their ascent up the mountain toward the great city, they enter the city limits and are given a lamp for their travels. They have now become a citizen of The City on the Hill, and those below still living in darkness can see their lights as they ascend upward. Still, quite a journey remains to the very top of the hill and to the gates the city. As the travelers press upward and onward, each traveler has a personal walk; for not one has started in the same place as another. Seeing then that each one begins from a unique place, how then in the beginning of the journey can any travel the exact same path? Indeed, for some coming from completely different places, may even need for a time to travel in a different direction. How is it then that one on this side of the hill can say to another on the opposite side, “Brother, you are going the wrong direction”? For it matters not the direction you come from if you are traveling upward. I say this in regards to those who demand adherence of others to their interpretations of doctrine.

Some travelers who come from afar often face a longer journey, some roads they travel may be more difficult, and others may have a much much darker path with very little light to guide the way. How is it then that one coming from a much different place can say to the other, “Your way forward is wrong, you must travel my way and in my understanding and by my light”?

No one can travel your path, nor can you travel the path of another. Everyone’s walk is personal. Everyone’s walk must be one step at a time, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little. Yet, dissension breaks out among many of the travelers as they each claim to be on the right path. Some even demand that others leave off walking their path to travel with them up the hill in order to be saved. And too often there is contempt for those who, “follow not us”. The disciples rebuked a man for casting out devils in the name of Yeshua because said they, “he followed not us”. Yet, Yeshua said unto them, “Rebuke him not, for he that is not against us is own our part”.

There is no doubt that some paths are clearer and are lighted much better than others, but how can someone far away who started in a totally different place travel a better path without first traveling another path that leads to it? As we all travel the unique path before each of us, we must take heed not to overstep the boundaries of judgment in regards to the walk others are walking. When we see others apart from us who have come from a completely different place traveling up the hill, we need to realize, true understanding is not in judging the perfection or imperfections of the path, but rather the direction the one on the path is traveling. Is he headed up or down the hill? If he is headed up the hill, even imperfectly, he is a brother. Counseling one another, reproof, and sharing with one another is profitable for all, but judgment should be held for those heading downward.

The purpose of this writing is to point out the importance of bearing with those who hold doctrinal differences which are at odds with own. Truth be told, we all hold imperfections we are not aware of. We should be careful not to reject those who believe somewhat differently unless they cross the point they compromise salvation. This too takes much discernment. There is no doubt that some doctrinal errors are critical, even fatal when falsehoods are embraced that are a nest for sins which damn the soul. It is only by the word of God and Holy Sprint that these things can be weighed and judged. The important thing to remember is that although we are on a straight and narrow path, each one has a personal walk that should be taken up with fear and trembling. Your personal walk is yours alone. No one can walk it for you; nor should you demand others walk your walk. The lamp you have been given may be brighter or dimmer than some others; do not judge others by the light you carry as they may be walking in all of the light that they have, or in some cases, more than you have. The personal paths of true followers continually become closer as they near the top of the hill; and at the top, all roads must converge into the city. As this happens, differences disappear; and the closer the travelers come to the center of the city, the closer the travelers also are to each other in every way. Indeed, for all paths of those who follow The Truth end in one place. At the end of the journey, all meet and all are gathered together in the city square. There will be no more differences then.

The Puzzle of Truth

The full knowledge of the truth is like unto a great puzzle. All truths are puzzle pieces. The Scriptures serve as the picture on the box top that aids us in putting the puzzle pieces of truth together. But in our case much of the picture is obscure. Yeshua is the Center Piece, and with him, come all the pieces that connect to the peripheral pieces in the Hebrew Bible. Generally, when beginning an enormous puzzle with many pieces, work begins with the peripheral pieces. It is true also in this case. There are four corners, which even among a multitude of pieces, are readily identifiable. Once all four corners are set, the work proceeds connecting the pieces that form the most outer edge, and from there the work begins to converge inward to the center. But in our case, the work on the puzzle stopped; and the caretakers who began the work ceased. The prophets went silent. The puzzle was abandoned and left with a large hole right in the middle.

The silence lasted over 400 years, until one day, a voice began crying in the wilderness; and then the Center Piece appeared. But many did not accept the Center Piece. Nonetheless, a few did recognize Him, and they began working to connect other pieces to Him. They were persecuted and killed, still, the work continued. Thereafter, others came also with other pieces and box top pictures of their own. Working recklessly they began forcing pieces together adding in their own strange pieces, while taking other true pieces away. They disregarded the four corners and outlying pieces and created a picture of their own.

One day a great ruler came. Beholding the puzzle, it became desirable to him and he took it from those who had it and declared it his own. He too had other pieces and pictures of strange puzzles which he put into the puzzle and declared “This is the true puzzle. All people shall believe and worship it”. Thereafter the two parts of the puzzle became irreconcilable. For the children of those who had given them the first part, held to it; while the others who came later held to the newer part. As the two caretakers grew further apart and enmity increased, they both devised means whereby to make certain that the two parts would never be joined together. There was even greater division than ever before, and it was accepted by all, there were two separate puzzles, and two entirely different pictures. The first part of the outer pieces was seen as a picture of beautiful landscaped gardens, walls, gates, walkways, fountains and waters. The more recent corrupted part also was viewed separately. It was accepted that the picture was that of a very impressive house built atop the landscape, and thus, replaced the landscape as the true picture.

After no small passage of time, others came along also, who beholding both puzzles, were amazed at how many pieces appeared to connect the two parts into being one of the same. They began working fervently to throw out the strange pieces, and to find the missing pieces that connected the two parts. But they too were persecuted and killed as those before them who had made the same declarations. Much more time would pass, but piece by piece, the puzzle was coming together. And indeed, it was becoming clearer with each new piece that the two parts are separate parts of one puzzle. For when the center pieces were placed in the middle of the outer pieces, the beautiful landscaped gardens, walls, gates, fountains and waters surrounded the House; and all walkways converged into one that lead up to the Door. And then, looking closely into the fountain waters in the outlying pieces, it was realized; there is a reflection of the House that has been there all along.

The Mystery of God revealed in Creation

When Lucifer became lifted up with pride, he said in his heart, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High”. He then set about, spreading accusations and gathering others unto his rebellion against God. It was the first communistic message of class-warfare and equality. Heaven was corrupted by evil. But God is holy. And evil cannot dwell in his presence. For this reason, a place set apart from Heaven was prepared for the Devil and his angles — a holding cell. Although God could have justly destroyed Lucifer and his followers utterly and eternally, he did not.  But why? May it have been that the many accusations Lucifer had hurled at God needed to be answered before he was destroyed?  Was there a means whereby those angels whom God had created could know if there was any truth in what Lucifer had declared?  Might it be wondered if all should indeed be equal?  Would the question remain if it were possible that the All Mighty had set himself up unfairly above all?  Would the remaining angels who fell not, serve God out of terror rather than love? To resolve all questions and doubts, there was need for a trial. But first, before Judgment Day, all the evidence must be gathered; for who goes to trial without evidence? And not only so, but there were other co-conspirators to the rebellion, yet to be born, who would later join the ranks of evil. They too must be rounded up before the Final Judgment, to make an end of all evil, once and for ever.

Creation: The gathering of evidence

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

At this point, the fullness of all knowledge exists as an invisible and remains exclusively the knowledge of God. God, in his willingness to make things known to his living creations, creates images of expression to bring the invisible truths into the realm of their understanding.  Ignorance is expressed as Darkness, while true knowledge is expressed by Light. Lucifer being cast out is henceforth referred to as Satan(adversary), and expressed by darkness. God speaks his Word, “Let there be Light”, It is the Day. “And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness”.  Remember, the sun, moon, stars, all heavenly luminaries are not yet created until the Forth Day.  Notwithstanding, God, on the First Day, creates Light in the Darkness. He exposes Darkness, He judges Darkness. Lucifer and his followers are indicted, arrested, incarcerated, and held in “chains of darkness” awaiting trial. It is therefore, we can find in the very first verses of Scripture, that God reveals his mystery unto us.  For the purpose of his creation from the the beginning to the end, is that those things that are not seen, may be seen by those things that are; and thus, ignorance is dispelled by knowledge, Darkness by Light, and falsehoods by The Word of God. The Light has come; darkness is divided out. The evidence of truth is being made manifest in our world, and it is recorded.  Next up, God divides the Heavenly realm above, from the worldly realm where Satan is in holding until the Final Judgment of all things. Satan has been cast out of the Heavenly realm. God has His Heavenly turf back!

“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. “And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day”

Again, remember in Scripture there is metaphoric usage.  Waters often are used to demonstrate, Word and Spirit.   However, particularity in Revelations, there is also usage as “many peoples” and “many spirits”, or voices of many. In light of the latter usage, might we consider that the Heavenly spirits were divided from all other spirits that are not Heavenly? Is this division between God’s Kingdom above and the realms below? For there is an impenetrable barrier fixed between the Most Holy Place and all others that no one can crossover but he that is sent? — those sent being God’s Messengers and servants, and the Mediator between heaven and earth who lived in both, died in one, and is risen again to live in both through those who are redeemed. All this not to say that all things written are only spiritual; but rather, the physical creation is patterned after the spiritual, which is the eternal.

It is troubling that many people dismiss great signs and wonders as nothing. But a herd mentality can be just as bad when something seems to make sense and people swallow the whole, hook, line, and sinker. Sometimes you can take theories and find things in them that resound with scripture. But just because something has some truth, it doesn’t mean it is all true. The best understanding often comes from taking truths you find in a theory away from the theory, and begin a search for the other truths that go with them. It is a careful spiritual process that takes patience and time.

Some say blood moons are ominous warning of war, bloodshed, and famine. Others are saying they are a good sign for Israel, but a bad sign for the nations. And then another group says, forget it, it means nothing. I was ask the last group; does a rainbow also mean nothing?

I believe absolutely God does everything for a purpose. I don’t think blood moons were created just to make us say, “Cool!, Awesome!” They are a sign, and they are saying something.

Here is one thing that keeps coming back to me about blood moons. I wonder it but I hesitate to write it because there are so many interpretations. However, I will write it as something to ponder, not as “The Divine Interpretation”. The moon in the bible is an often used symbol for: a woman, The Bride, God’s chosen. At night, the light in darkness in the absence of the sun is the moon, which, having no light of its own, reflects the light of the greater light upon the world. Likewise, Yeshua reflects his light upon his chosen, to give Light to the world in his absence.

The last total solar eclipse which took place, took place directly over the North Pole. As of now, no nation owns the North Pole; under international law the area is under administration of the “International Seabed Authority”. Thus being the area is international, is the total eclipse of the sun a warning to all the nations? Is it a sign of an absence of God? Only destruction can follow if God withholds his Light and mercy.

I can be more brief about the blood moons if indeed we understand the Bride metaphor and the moon as a feminine “help mate” of the “Light Of The World” to bring Light at night– Remember Yeshua’s words:

“We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work. “While I am in the world, I am the Light of the world.”

What is the light of our world? The sun. We are not to worship the sun as pagans do; but it is a sign, and along with the moon, together they are teachers wherein lies truth that when reveled, we can understand and worship God with greater understanding. The Sun is the Greater Light, and the moon the lesser “help mate” — a symbol of the Groom and Bride. If the total solar eclipse over the North Pole was a sign of Judgement upon all nations, what then is the significance of the blood moon? —- and not merely a blood moon, but a super blood moon appearing over Jerusalem on Sukkot(the Feast of Tabernacles)? I will leave you with a verse to ponder regarding this mystery:

Exodus 12:13 “. . . and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. . .”

In that light, a super blood moon appearing over Jerusalem on the Feast of Tabernacles would be of the greatest significance to his people.

Over the past few years, much ado has been made over the occurrence of the tetrad of blood moons which is divided into two sets of two by a total solar eclipse directly over the North Pole. The events began on Passover 2014 and will end on The Feast of Tabernacles 2015. There are various interpretations as to the meaning of this rare occurrence, and as well, detractors who claim it is nothing. I take issue with both groups: those who take theories and run with them, and those who dismiss everything in its entirety as having no significance whatsoever. Therefore, falling somewhere in between, I am ready and also willing to be hammered by both.

First, Who created the heavens and the earth? Who made the stars, the sun, the moon and all the heavenly host? Were they created without understanding, without purpose, without meaning?

I believe, EVERYTHING, that exists, exists by design—with intention. God is not random. The fullness, depth, and meaning, of these things goes far beyond what we can comprehend. We do well when we are able to in part gasp meanings and purposes. Not a leaf falls to the ground wherein there is not a lesson. There is NOTHING in nature wherein lies no significance. Nothing is incidental—nothing.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse”

Yeshua spoke in parables using examples of physical creations to bring spiritual truths into the realm of understanding. Furthermore, Scripture states, “. . .and without a parable he spake not”. Yeshua always used physical creations to explain spiritual truths. The physical world is a parallel representation of the spiritual world. It is not merely the sacrificial laws that were a shadow and a physical representation of the True. Everything existing physically expresses a spiritual truth of invisible principles — and nothing can be created without there first being an invisible concept and a possibility of being. Hebrews, 11:3 –

“For by faith we understand that the worlds were fashioned by the word of God, and these things that are seen came into being out of those things which are unseen.”

Does God do anything without reason? Is anything an accident or mere coincidence, or even an unnecessary side-effect?

Now, for those on the other hand. There has always been a problem among believers with those, who either with good intentions or in pursuit of gain, take scriptures and apply their on interpretations to support a theory they wish to advance. This in turn has lead many astray and driven others away from Truth altogether. However, it need be said, just because there are so many prolific false interpretations of God’s works, it does not mean that there is not a true. It should be of no question that there is a meaning and lesson in all things. However, the question should be, what is the meaning. When someone comes who portrays to know, there should be much skepticism. Try all things, prove all things. Do not become one in a stampeding herd.